All About the Reveal XR Studio Packs

Step into the future of content creation with our game-changing XR Studio Packs, meticulously crafted for top global brands. These flexible and mobile studio solutions, crafted by our seasoned team of XR professionals using cutting-edge technology, promise the highest quality packaged solutions in the market. Embrace real-time production efficiency and meet the rapid demands of content generation with our turn-key, multi-use studio packs.

Wondering how we got here and why pre-configured studio packs? The simple answer is, we listened! We tuned into conversations with our brand and agency clients, delving deep into their own barriers of adopting and implementing this technology. Our goal was clear – eliminate those roadblocks and make XR technology more accessible worldwide. The solution? A one-stop pack with all the answers from a single vendor.

The team scoured the globe, investing countless hours in the research and development phase. We landed on five strategic partners offering the best of the best for each component of the studio packs.

Unreal Engine, the industry leader in virtual production environments, serves as the creative cornerstone of each Studio Pack. This open platform software is the leader in volumetric asset  creation. Reveal’s skilled Unreal artists collaborate with your team to create the virtual environments your production demands.

Our strategic partnership with LG and their LED technology serves as a critical component to our Studio Packs. The mobility and durability of the LED tiles are important features we couldn’t overlook. LG’s commitment to providing the industry’s best virtual LED panel is evident in its performance boasting extremely high pixel density and matte black finished surfaces to eliminate filming challenges.

Camera tracking capability is vital, and Mo-Sys, our choice for the studio packs, is the most user-friendly option for Fortune 500 companies. They pioneered star tracking capabilities, offering the most photo-realistic 3D virtual graphics and a real-world feel.

The RED Komodo X Camera features a global shutter that captures the screen without feeling like you’re in front of a screen. Easy to use, reliable, and a perfect fit for the brands we work with.

After working with numerous DPs over the years, SISU, an American-based motion control company, became the ideal match for our studio packs. Their industry-leading animatic robot, top-notch customer service, and focus on quick programming align perfectly with our vision.

We developed our studio pack solutions to unlock untapped potential and ROI for brands and agencies. By educating creative teams on the unstoppable force of this technology, we aim to create unforgettable moments that become indispensable for businesses. It’s about unlocking potential and crafting unforgettable creative moments that leave a lasting impact.

Studio Pack Options:

XR1: Essentials Studio Pack

XR2: Immersive Studio Pack

XR3: Curve Studio Pack

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