Case Study: Buffalo Wild Wings

Four countries in three days, all without leaving the confines of a comfortable, climate controlled XR studio in Atlanta, Georgia? The Reveal XR team joined forces with sister company Creative Filter to harness the power of XR technology, reinventing asset production for Buffalo Wild Wings’ global spotlight during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


Client: INSPIRE Brands 

Market: Buffalo Wild WIngs, International

Project Scope: Video & Photo 


The Challenge

How do you communicate the characteristics and nuances of an in-restaurant and in-home dining experience for four vastly different international markets on a finite budget and timeline? 

Where can you find the team that can handle production of tv spots, product photography, social media assets, lifestyle photography and more within the same budget and timeline?

These questions plagued the Buffalo Wild Wings marketing team at INSPIRE Brands, and the search was on for a production solution that could hit the mark on all of these things.


Our Approach

Navigating budget constraints is often the central challenge in brand asset production, particularly on a global scale where expenses like travel, accommodations, local production costs, and post-production can quickly escalate. Reveal XR, in collaboration with sister company Creative Filter, met this challenge head on by harnessing XR technology and virtual production to bring the campaign to life.

The team set off planning, concepting, scripting, casting, producing, and delivering engaging commercial content that included TV spots, still product photography, social media assets and more.

  • Conceptualization: Collaborative brainstorming with teams from Reveal XR, Creative Filter, and Maverick Studios addressing crucial questions about cultural experiences related to Buffalo Wild Wings in various nations and World Cup celebrations around the world.
  • Deep Dive into Culture: Extensive research and consultation with local experts to authentically embody each location’s culture, prioritizing respect and accuracy in portraying traditions and values.
  • Designing Virtual Worlds: Creating 3D virtual environments from storyboards and animatics, representing in-restaurant and in-home settings for each country, integrating windows into each of the designs to enhance storytelling by bringing true-to-life environmental elements to the virtual worlds.
  • Detailed Curation: Meticulous selection of a diverse cast and appropriate set elements, including props, furniture, and wardrobe, paying special attention to every element to ensure it accurately reflects the spirit and soul of the represented culture.
  • Three-Day Studio Shoot: The flexibility and collaboration of the team shone throughout the shoot process as four unique countries were brought to life in one small XR studio in Atlanta, Georgia. 


The Results

After the dust settled from the three-day shoot and a quick turn-around in post, the result was a remarkable testament to collaborative creativity, showcasing the true essence of Buffalo Wild Wings and setting the stage for an unparalleled World Cup celebration that would resonate across four distinct international markets.

The culmination of this extensive effort was a rich library of beautiful assets meticulously curated and tailored to perfection. These assets served as the standard for the international marketing teams throughout the entire World Cup campaign, providing them with a flexible canvas to adapt and tailor further for their unique markets. 

“There was an AHA! moment with the client while we were all on set, watching all of the pieces come together as a finalized shot in the camera in real time. They realized that this is truly revolutionary technology, and I’m so glad that they trusted our team with this uncharted territory for their brand.” -Chad Shockley, Executive Producer


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