Creativity Meets Technology

At Reveal XR, we go beyond just fabricating XR studios and integrating the latest technology for our clients. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the highest level of creative quality we bring to every project. With years of experience in designing virtual environments and assets for large volume LED spaces, our team of Unreal Artists crafts immersive worlds that captivate and engage audiences like never before.

Our creative team is a veritable Swiss Army knife of skills and expertise, largely due to our partnership with our sister brand, Creative Filter. For over a decade, Creative Filter has been delivering creative solutions that resonate with some of the world’s largest brands. Their approach is distinctly individual, always focusing on client objectives and delivering on every promise. By blending creativity and technology, Creative Filter and Reveal XR unleash the greatest potential in every project.

Creative Filter prioritizes the art of listening, focusing on the “why” before the “how” to ensure successful collaboration and exceed client expectations. They strive to genuinely understand clients’ objectives and challenges to create impactful content. Their diverse toolset allows them to tailor services to fit each project perfectly, offering innovative creative solutions across various styles and methods, from motion graphics and animation to live-action and graphic design. Additionally, Creative Filter’s commitment to delivering on-time and on-budget, along with their extensive track record of dependability and strong partnerships, underscores their ability to consistently meet and exceed expectations.

The collaborative process between Reveal XR and Creative Filter is seamless, ensuring maximum ease and the highest quality experience for each of our clients. Our integrated approach allows us to combine the strengths of both companies, resulting in XR solutions that are innovative and impactful. Our number one goal is to remove any creative or technological barriers that may currently exist for brands.

Collaborating with Reveal XR offers a transformative experience that goes beyond conventional XR solutions. We blend cutting-edge technology with unparalleled artistry, creativity, and expertise. Whether you aim to craft an immersive virtual environment for commercial content, develop interactive training simulations, or design an engaging team experience, Reveal XR, backed by our creative powerhouse, Creative Filter, is your ideal partner from concept to completion.

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