Client Campaign Release: Arby’s Launches Cheddarthon and Releases Limited-Edition “Keys to the Cheese”

In the world of advertising, innovation is key to capturing audience attention. Arby’s, known for its delicious sandwiches and inventive marketing campaigns, once again pushed the boundaries with their 2024 Cheddarthon Campaign. This time, they joined forces with Reveal XR, alongside their talented creative team, to turn their vision into a tasty reality.

Set against the backdrop of an XR studio in Atlanta, Georgia, the collaboration unfolded over two intense days in late 2023. The fusion of traditional advertising techniques with cutting-edge Extended Reality (XR) technology was about to take center stage.

The journey began with the director’s creative treatment, a blueprint of ideas waiting to be brought to life. The team meticulously dissected each element, working through storyboards to ensure every detail aligned with the campaign’s vision.

What set this project apart was the extensive pre-visualization phase, powered by Unreal Engine. Before a single camera rolled, the team delved into the virtual realm, mapping out each sequence with precision. This allowed them to anticipate challenges, fine-tune transitions, and envision the final product long before it materialized.

With a clear roadmap in hand, the Reveal XR team began asset creation, sculpting digital elements that would seamlessly blend with the live-action footage. Their expertise extended to crafting a visual animatic, providing the Director of Photography with invaluable guidance on framing and composition.

But the innovation didn’t end with pre-production. Much of the post-production work was executed in real-time. This dynamic approach not only accelerated the production timeline but also facilitated collaboration, allowing adjustments to be made on the fly.

The result? Mouth-watering visuals, immersive storytelling, and gorgeous food photography. 

As the lines between reality and virtuality continue to blur, collaborations like this pave the way for a new era of advertising. 

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