Reveal XR Unveils Complete XR Studio Packages

Digital technology innovators provide enterprise-focused virtual production capabilities scaled to revolutionize content generation for brands across the globe.

Atlanta, Georgia – Reveal XR, a pioneer in Extended Reality (XR) technology and studio fabrication, is delighted to unveil its turn-key XR studio package solutions crafted specifically for corporate brands to elevate their content creation experience while maximizing project budgets.

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, creating impactful content is fundamental. Recognizing this need, Reveal XR’s team of seasoned experts has designed a range of flexible and mobile XR studio solutions, breaking down barriers for brands seeking to embrace the technology. The advantages of XR technology are profound, revolutionizing content creation by optimizing project budgets, eliminating barriers to production such as travel and weather variables, and reducing post-production time and cost.

Our mission is to equip brands with production technology and services that will have an immediate impact on your business,” states Reveal XR CEO, Chad Shockley.

Reveal XR has been named as LG’s strategic partner for deploying their advanced virtual production LED panel to the global enterprise sector. The LG MAGNIT Studio Series boasts key features like Megapixel VR Helios processors, True Black finish with ultra-high contrast, 1.56 mm pixel pitch, and durable COB technology for superior color control, seam correction, mapping, and monitoring for pixel perfect virtual production.

Each studio package has been thoughtfully designed with state-of-the-art technology from industry leading brands LG, Mo-Sys, SISU, RED Cameras, and Unreal Engine. Along with the studio packages, brands can invest in concierge-level tech support, enhance their studio with live broadcast capabilities or motion control, and partner with the Reveal XR creative services team for additional support in the creation process.

“What sets Reveal XR apart is our fully staffed creative team that has decades of experience creating content for brands around the world. We can take your project from concept to delivery or collaborate with your internal team to give you added confidence in XR production,” explains Reveal XR CCO Nathan Dies.

Reveal XR offers three distinct pre-set XR studio packages:

XR1: Essentials Studio Pack: Excellent entry point into the XR world, offering exceptional value and capabilities to meet distinctive brand challenges and expectations in content creation. Example use cases for The Essentials Studio offers the ideal solution for brands who are looking to create stunning product photography, film talking head interviews, or distribute high-quality key business presentations or information to a wide audience.

XR2: Immersive Studio Pack: Experience the power of creating content in remarkably realistic environments, transcending geographical limitations in the production process and delivering lifelike content quickly. The Immersive packages unique 90-degree corner design with an LED floor provide capabilities for rapid background swaps, head-to-toe interviews, and fully-immersive brand activations.

XR3: Curve Studio Pack: Featuring an extended LED footprint and subtle curve, this studio option amplifies camera tracking technology and enables the production of larger volume content, all with the same quick-to-market production timeline. The Curve is the studio solution for multi-talent shoots, sweeping environmental shots, and shoots that require set pieces.

Custom studio solutions are available.

Reveal XR stands committed to empowering corporate brands with unparalleled XR studio solutions that revolutionize content creation and deliver exceptional value. For more information please visit:

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