xR Content Experiences

xR Content Experiences

xR is the future of video production.

You might be wondering how you can make the most of this newest technology… Reveal xR is here to help you see how xR content can fit into your production needs – the possibilities are endless.

Corporate Comms

Global corporations and regional associations all need to share information, and video content is the undisputed king. With an xR workflow, you can build a store in the digital world, produce your training content, and never disrupt your retail location’s day.

Executives of all levels love the ease of delivering enterprise-wide messages without the encumbrances of travel. In an xR studio, we can have your executive deliver localized content, without ever leaving the safety and convenience of the studio.

Events & Presentations

Host conferences that allow everyone to attend without ever leaving home. Unite performers from all over the globe, seemingly putting them in one space, together. Allow fans to attend games or concerts hundreds or thousands of miles away. These were crazy ideas not that long ago.

In the last two years, it seems the entire world has finally adopted the idea that we can meet virtually, and still have rich, engaging experiences. As we see travel begin to pick up, many event organizers are embracing new ways to hold their events.


Films are a valued, integral part of our society… they tell stories, provoke feelings — they make art accessible to everyone. And we are huge fans of cinema at Reveal xR.

Today, there are entirely new mediums for making films more powerful and engaging than ever: virtual production. Virtual production is a filmmaker’s tabula rasa, the only limitation is your imagination.

Reveal xR can build you an xR studio or generate xR content that finally gives you all the tools you need to make your vision a reality.


As a producer of commercials, your studio is your second home. It’s where the magic happens. Imagine if you had an xR studio fueled by Unreal Engine, Vicon motion capture, Ncam camera tracking… a complete suite of hardware and software. You’d be ready for anything… TV commercials, YouTube ads, and ads for social media and all types of websites. Unleash your creativity!

Music Videos

We’ve all seen plenty of low-budget music videos, shot with ‘found props’ and locations that no one really wants to shoot on. While this type of production has its charm, producers with virtual production studios can put their performers anywhere in the world, safely and with complete control of every detail.

The market for inviting artists and producers into your virtual production studio to make their music videos is wide open. Everyone wants the best special effects, and with an xR studio, you can deliver it all. Fly in outer space, walk through fire, emerge from explosions unharmed — you can make it all possible for them.

Video Games

The best way to get real… is to get Unreal.

Unreal Engine is the standard-bearer for creating new worlds and has a proven legacy in the gaming world. Connect the unparalleled visuals created in Unreal Engine with amazing storytelling, and you can bring immersive game experiences to life. Reveal xR knows how to create these engaging experiences, and we can spin them up to meet the craziest production schedules out there.

What are you imagining right now?

Contact the team at Reveal xR, and find out how we can maximize your creativity and turn it into an asset that gives back to you.