xR Content Production

xR Content Production

xR content production is like any artistic expression.

Anyone can do it. But not everyone can do it well. At Reveal xR, our experience and expertise with virtual production is what can position you ahead of the pack. We’re ready, willing, and able to bring your vision to life.

Building Your Film Studio

A virtual production studio is like having a toolkit with every tool imaginable. With tools like Unreal Engine, Disguise, Ncam bringing impossible environments to life… harnessing that power requires the right team.

To be able to create the magic, you need a firm foundation — namely, a studio. But it’s not that simple. Will you want an ordinary floor or an elevated stage? Will you need an LED ceiling? One wall, three walls, or a contiguous arc? How high should they be? And what kind of wall panels will best suit your needs?

Reveal xR is your team.

What Makes LED Panels Amazing

LED panels are a game-changer for making films and videos. Their capabilities are amazing, and the results are so much better than you can imagine. The images are so realistic that viewers would never be able to tell if it was live or xR, but there’s more to it than that.

Your films and videos will be infinitely better because this technology brings a much more compelling performance from the talent. Imagine acting against a green screen… requiring the talent to “use their imagination” to act against. Then imagine performing in the “real” environment… reacting to elements you can actually SEE. Everything is more vivid, reactions are real, emotions are believable, timing is spot-on, all because the talent is immersed in the environment.

LED volumes also offer infinite lighting control… you can light your set in whatever method suits your production, and keep it lit as long as you need. Need to shoot outdoors in golden hour… for eight hours? It’s easily accomplished in xR.

And, it’s so almost effortless to make changes and tweaks in an xR workflow, offering you savings of time and money.

When Reveal xR helps you build your film studio, we’ll also want to take into consideration whether you will need integrated motion capture (“mocap“). Especially for films that will use personified fantasy-type characters, avatars, animals, etc., mocap is indispensable. Not only can you capture movement, but also emotion and expression, bringing a tangible reality to your characters and storylines.

Virtual Studio Production

xR tools are readily available — what you need is an experienced team to guide you in building your xR studio and choosing the right components for your needs. That’s our specialty at Reveal xR. Contact us today to get started.