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xR Studios

It’s a whole new world of possibilities.

The production world has changed so much over the years, from peering through the camera to film what you see to sitting at the computer to create what you imagine. It’s a whole new world of possibilities, and the creative team at Reveal xR can bring this world to you through the magic of virtual production. Whether you’re making a movie, a commercial, a corporate communication video or you’re hosting a virtual event, we can help you produce extraordinary results.

Virtual Production

As a filmmaker, you understand the expense of building extravagant sets or taking your crew on location. Depending on the project, it could stretch from tens of thousands of dollars to millions. Plus, all the variables that can affect production could knock your budget out of the ballpark. Have you ever sat with your entire crew for days, waiting for the sun to come out to shoot a scene? What if an actor is late or sick, holding up production?

When you work in virtual production with tools like Unreal Engine, Disguise, Ncam, and others, these variables are not factors. Reveal xR uses a suite of technology to make the sun come out, and we can film your actor’s scenes separately and add them in later.

What else is possible with tools like these? Not only can you recreate faraway scenes and settings — locations from around the globe — but you can also bring a local storefront to life and film your training videos without disrupting your business.

Building Your Virtual Production Studio

If you dream of having your own xR studio, Reveal xR can make this a reality for you. Using virtual production, your films will be kept only to the boundaries of your imagination. Light years ahead of the green screen, a virtual production studio combines the best of both worlds of augmented and mixed reality.

One of the aspects of xR that makes it so superior to other methods of production is that it offers an immersive experience, with 360 degrees of space. A green screen is one-dimensional and tied to a past production era. A virtual production studio is multi-dimensional, allowing actors to stand in a space that is not limited by traditional reality.

And one of the best parts of this type of technology is that the actors can see the xR images, making acting scenes infinitely easier. Instead of using stick-figure stand-ins for traditional CGI replacement, we can now use mocap and the platforms at our disposal to do on-the-fly character replacement, powered by a live actor.

One step further is introducing physically blended sets, mixing real set pieces with the digital world created by Unreal Engine… no longer do the actors need to “imagine” their environment… they can “see” it, react to it, even touch and feel it.

Don’t get left behind. Position yourself on the cutting edge of virtual production for films and virtual event production.

To find out more about how Reveal xR can build a film studio for you using virtual production, contact us today.