Creativity Meets Technology

May 17, 2024

At Reveal XR, we go beyond just fabricating XR studios and integrating the latest technology for our clients. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the highest level of creative quality we bring to every project. With years of experience in designing virtual environments and assets for large volume LED spaces, our team of Unreal… read more.

XR For Everyone: Your Beginners Guide to XR Virtual Production

April 2, 2024

At Reveal XR, we know that XR and virtual production can often feel futuristic and difficult to understand. So we’re here to help, and clear up some of the terms you may hear thrown around when speaking to someone about virtual production or when considering an XR studio for your own content creation needs. This… read more.

All About the Reveal XR Studio Packs

January 31, 2024

Step into the future of content creation with our game-changing XR Studio Packs, meticulously crafted for top global brands. These flexible and mobile studio solutions, crafted by our seasoned team of XR professionals using cutting-edge technology, promise the highest quality packaged solutions in the market. Embrace real-time production efficiency and meet the rapid demands of… read more.

Case Study: Buffalo Wild Wings

January 12, 2024

Four countries in three days, all without leaving the confines of a comfortable, climate controlled XR studio in Atlanta, Georgia? The Reveal XR team joined forces with sister company Creative Filter to harness the power of XR technology, reinventing asset production for Buffalo Wild Wings’ global spotlight during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.   Client:… read more.

Reveal XR: Transforming Content Creation in 2024

In the dynamic realm of content creation, certain teams stand out as pioneers, reshaping the industry’s trajectory. The journey of Reveal XR commenced with a passion for innovation, exploration of cutting-edge technology, and the aspiration to provide top-tier content creation solutions for leading brands worldwide. What originated as an extension of Creative Filter swiftly evolved… read more.

Reveal XR Unveils Complete XR Studio Packages

Atlanta, Georgia – Reveal XR, a pioneer in Extended Reality (XR) technology and studio fabrication, is delighted to unveil its turn-key XR studio package solutions crafted specifically for corporate brands to elevate their content creation experience while maximizing project budgets. In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, creating impactful content is fundamental. Recognizing this need, Reveal XR’s… read more.

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